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  • What type of events do you offer?
    We offer shamanic classes, purification lodges, Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies, ceremonial weekends, and social gatherings in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • How much do events cost?
    Warrior Spirit Lodge always welcomes donations to cover our costs of running events and online promotion at our donation website or cash donations in person. In general, we are a not-for-profit organization that asks our community members to contribute to the actual costs of running an event. We also ask for even energy exchange with the leader running the event in the form of medicine gifting for ceremonies and money for classes. Purification Lodges and Other Ceremonies: There is never a charge for ceremony. We ask that people who are able to contribute to the actual costs of running the ceremony. The leader of the ceremony will communicate what the actual cost of running that particular ceremony is. The exchange with the leader of the ceremony for their time and energy is a medicine gift. A medicine gift is a simple gift from the heart. Tobacco is also given to the leader of the ceremony as it sends our intent for doing the ceremony to the universe. Please ask the leader of the ceremony if you need guidance. Classes: $15-25 per class. Social gatherings: Usually people bring a potluck dish or non-alcoholic beverage to share. For specific fun events that we do together, community members are asked to cover their own costs for that event.
  • What are purification lodges?
    Purification lodges are spiritual ceremonies in which a small group of community gather to send positive energy for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. People from all religious backgrounds and walks of life are welcome. We have had everyone from Christian Ministers to Atheists and Agnostics (and every religion in between) benefit from this healing and transformational ceremony. Purification lodges are held inside of a structure that represents the womb of Grandmother Earth, supporting us to rebirth ourselves into the brightest and shiniest sacred human beings that we can be. The gathering prior to the ceremony and the ceremony itself last around 3-4 hours. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this ceremony. We briefly speak to each new attendee about this ceremony on the phone as well as provide an in-depth orientation (30-60 minutes long) for first-timers onsite just prior to the ceremony.
  • Who can participate in a purification lodge?
    Most of our purification lodges are 18+ years or over. We are able to provide lodges for children and teens are possible if there's a demand from the community. People from all religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome to particiapte. We have had everyone from Christian Ministers to Atheists and Agnostics (and every religion in between) benefit from lodge ceremonies. First timers are required to have an intro phone chat with the lodge leader before attending. As well as participate in an orientation, 30-60 minutes long, just prior to the ceremony.
  • Do you offer online events?
    While most of our events are in-person, some classes can be attended online. Please ask the leader of the class if there is an online option for a particular class.
  • Can children attend events?
    Children are welcome to attend our Seasonal Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies and all social gatherings! Our regular purification lodges are 18+ only. Special circumstances based on demand from the community... Purification lodges and some shamanic classes for children and teens are possible. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in opportunities for your kiddos. Parent permission and signed waivers are required for children and teens to attend events.
  • What is the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path?
    It's a pathway to spiritual evolution. A shamanic tradition dedicated to 'Sharing Knowledge that Works' which guides us to heal, change and grow. The Sweet Medicine Sundance path shows us how to establish a deep connection to Nature which teaches us how we are interconnected with all of Life. This is a path of the spiritual warrior who chooses to engage the battle with hers or his inner darkness and overcome limitations and offer a greater light to humanity. It is a path of healing, where we learn to heal ourselves and thus learn to help others heal. For more information, visit the DTMMS website.
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